The entire SERIES V will be launched this 2024.


Medium: Oil on Aluminum Panel

 Size: Height: 37.5cm Width: 30 cm 

Artist: Hari Lualhati

“In life, it’s normal to encounter challenges. Whenever you experience negativity from other people: when they try to pull you down, belittle you, hurt you; always keep your heart clean and pure for it will guide you towards the right path. Take the pain as a learning path towards widening your understanding and gain wisdom from it. Wisdom is the understanding and the living of enduring values. Know that some of life’s best lessons are learned through our worst times. They give us deeper understanding on things and teach us to be a better version of ourselves. A person who turns wound into wisdom by keeping her heart pure and being guided by her moral values despite facing pain will successfully soar. 

Symbolisms have been used in the painting to clearly deliver the message. The subject staring straight to the audience suggests the bravery of courageously holding on to your moral values despite the pain. The white butterfly covering the wounds symbolises the reigning purity of the heart. The owl represents wisdom gained from the experience.” - Hari Lualhati 


More Soulworks from SERIES V coming this 2024.

© Copyright Hari Lualhati 2021