2020 HARI LUALHATI painting titled “Queen of Diamonds” has been chosen to be part of "Tu mejor pintura" / “Your Best Painting” ART BOOK, organized by Artelibre Gallery in Spain in collaboration with the MEAM Museum/ European Museum of Modern Art, which showcases works of great figurative artists today.  https://youtu.be/ol9og4-fr9U

2020 HARI LUALHATI, chosen to be on the BuzzFeed List of Figurative Artists on Instagram. https://www.buzzfeed.com/didimenendez/one-hundred-artists-one-tribe-1tyzr?utm_source=dynamic&utm_campaign=bfshareemail&sub=0_124923973#124923973

2020 HARI LUALHATI, chosen by Ukrainian Curator - Klimenko, to be part of People & Paintings Gallery Exhibition titled "While Nobody's Watching". Artists from different countries applied but only 28 artists were chosen. The exhibition will run from May18 - 29, 2020 USA. https://www.peopleandpaintings.com/artwork/hari-lualhati-the-pursuit-of-happiness

2020 HARI LUALHATI, featured artist at the latest, May 2020 Issue of Marvelous Art Magazine, Turkey. May 2020

2020 HARI LUALHATI's painting titled "Queen of Diamonds" has been chosen to be part of “Tu major pintura” / "Your best painting" Exhibition, a virtual exhibition organized by Artelibre Gallery in Spain in collaboration with the MEAM Museum/ European Museum of Modern Art, which shows that we do not need to go beyond our doors to get closer to the work of great figurative artists today. https://www.artelibre.net/obras/29040

2020 HARI LUALHATI, has been selected as TheArtList's 2ND PLACE WINNER for YEAR 2020. February 2020

2020 HARI LUALHATI,  chosen to be part of the upcoming "Infected By Art Volume 8 Book". Infected By Art Book showcases the best artworks in the genre of imaginative realism, i.e. Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror from all over the world. 

2020 HARI LUALHATI, has been awarded with  "Certificate of Excellence" by ARTAVITA. January 2020

2020 HARI LUALHATI, featured at the latest 2020 Issue of ARS-MAGISTRIS Magazine Art, an Italian Art Magazine. January 2020

2019 HARI LUALHATI, 1ST PLACE WINNER of Drawing From Observation Art Competiton. December 2019

2019 HARI LUALHATI, Cover of VIVAMag - Magazine in Italy. November 2019

2019 HARI LUALHATI, Featured at The South African Artist Magazine, November 2019

2019 HARI LUALHATI, 1ST PLACE winner of Marco's Art Emporium - "Return to Realism" Art Competition 2019. Hari Lualhati's painting titled "The Dreamcatcher" won the First Place. Klerksdorp, South Africa. September 2019

2019 HARI LUALHATI, winner of VivaMag Cover Art Contest in partnership with Teelent.   Hari Lualhati's painting was chosen as the Cover of VivaMag, a magazine published in Italy and read in many other countries . 2019

2019 HARI LUALHATI, has been awarded "HONORABLE MENTION" at ART OLYMPIA International Art Competition 2019, Tokyo Japan.

2019 HARI LUALHATI, has been a chosen artist and been featured at 2019 Leonardo Art Guide Book / Guía de Arte Leonardo, published by Galeriá Artelibre in Spain. This Art Book is a beautiful presentation of the best realist and hyperrealist artists from all over the world.

2019 HARI LUALHATI, "The Dreamcatcher" and "Allure" have been chosen to be part of "ADORN ME", an online exclusive exhibition and upcoming publication of PoetsArtists curated by Carol Hodes.

2019 HARI LUALHATI, Featured in Flash Journal, an Italian Online Magazine of Culture and Literature. February 2019

2019 HARI LUALHATI, Two paintings of Hari have been chosen to be part of the upcoming "Infected By Art Volume 7 Book". Infected By Art Book showcases the best artworks in the genre of imaginative realism, i.e. Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror from all over the world. 

2019 HARI LUALHATI, has been chosen to be part of "The South African Arts Diary 2019".

2018 HARI LUALHATI, has been chosen as a finalist for World Wide Kitsch Competition 2018.

2018 HARI LUALHATI, "The Dreamcatcher" - Part of the Shorlisted Entries for the Artzine Art Prize 2018

2018 HARI LUALHATI, Featured in MIROIR Magazine. July 2018

2018 HARI LUALHATI, Featured in CHROM ART Magazine. May 2018

2018 HARI LUALHATI, Featured in Wall Street International Magazine. January 2018

2018 HARI LUALHATI, Selected Artist for International ModPortrait Competition in Spain. Hari Lualhati's artwork will be exhibited in Museum of Modern Art Art (MEAM) in Barcelona and Museo Pablo Serrano (Zaragoza) this 2018. January 2018

2018 HARI LUALHATI, chosen as a Finalist for the 13th International ARC / Art Renewal Center Salon. January 2018

2017 HARI LUALHATI,  Recipient of the Recognition Prize Award from Palm Art Award 2017, Germany, December 2017

2017 Chosen for “Savvy Painter Online Juried Show”, November 13, 2017 - January 13, 2018  http://www.dailybrushwork.com/detail.aspx?GIID=18732&GSID=4119&pg=3&#x

2017 HARI LUALHATI,  Finalist in Word Wide Kitsch  Competition 2017, November 2017

2017 HARI LUALHATI,  Cover Artist of INSIGHT MAGAZINE - October Issue, New York, October 2017

2017 HARI LUALHATI,  Cover Artist of INSIGHT MAGAZINE - October Issue, New York, October 2017

2017 HARI LUALHATI,  "Artist of the Month" of The Guide Artists Magazine - October 2017 Issue, Spain, October 2017

2017 HARI LUALHATI,  First Selection Figurativas 17 Competition - MEAM Museum of Modern Art Europe, Barcelona, Spain, May 2017

2017 HARI LUALHATI,  Second Prize WINNER, 2017 Living Portrait Master, May 2017

2017 HARI LUALHATI,  Shortlisted in Visual Art Open Prize 2017, UK, April 2017

2017 HARI LUALHATI,  Featured Artist in Bloemfontein Courant, South Africa, March 2017

2017 HARI LUALHATI,  Featured Artist in the latest, Spring Issue of "Into The Void Magazine", Ireland, February 2017

2017 HARI LUALHATI,  chosen by Beautiful Bizarre Magazine as their "ARTIST ON THE RISE' , February 2017

2017 HARI LUALHATI,  chosen by The Henry George Gallery as their "ARTIST OF THE MONTH' , February 201http://henrygeorgegallery.co.za/artist-month-hari-lualhati-feb-2017/?temp-new-window-replacement=true

2017 HARI LUALHATI,  featured in Conté Magazine , February 2017 https://artascent.com/artist-interview-hari-lualhati/  

2017 HARI LUALHATI,  featured in a three page interview  in ArtAscent Magazine , February 2017 Issue. February 2017 https://artascent.com/artist-interview-hari-lualhati/  

2016 HARI LUALHATI's painting "Bloom Where You are Planted" received the "ARC Staff Awards" from the 12th International Art Renewal Center Salon. November 2016

2016 HARI LUALHATI,  featured artist in ACS Magazine (Chicago) , November/December 2016 Issue. November 2016  

2016 HARI LUALHATI was chosen as one of the  12th International Art Renewal Center Salon Finalists. September 2016

2016 HARI LUALHATI was nominated for BLOOOM Award by WARSTEINER 2016 (Germany). August 2016  

2016 HARI LUALHATI,  chosen artist to be included in the book "Guia de Arte Leonardo 2016" (Spain). June 2016 

2016 HARI LUALHATI was awarded with GOLD diploma/certificate by  Gallery Olezh. June 2016  

2016 HARI LUALHATI,  featured artist in Portfolios Magazine. June 2016  https://issuu.com/fotovorobey/docs/pfm_02_007?temp-new-window-replacement=true

2016 HARI LUALHATI,  chosen artist to be included in Contemporary Art Collection Book. June 2016 https://www.amazon.it/gp/aw/d/B01GZDIBTW/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?qid=1465795029&sr=8-2&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=contemporary+art+collection&temp-new-window-replacement=true

2016 HARI LUALHATI was awarded with premio Speciale "Arte Dinamica" by Associazione Culturale Grifio Art Gallery in Rome. May 2016 http://www.webartexpo.com

2015 HARI LUALHATI was chosen as one of the Art Renewal Center's 2014 -2015 International ARC Salon Finalists. April 2015

2015 HARI LUALHATI was chosen and invited to exhibit at NordArt 2015 /International Art Exhibition, Germany. March 2015

2015 HARI LUALHATI was chosen as one of the 205 ART LOVERS COMPETITION FINALISTS. March 2015

2015 The Au Naturel International Juried Exhibition has chosen and invited HARI LUALHATI to be the only international artist together with 40 artists from 14 States of the USA to represent the 2015 Exhibition. January 2015

2014 HARI LUALHATI's paintings won the American Art Awards 2014. Hari Lualhati's "Kiss of Fate" won the 1st Place and Hari Lualhati's painting "Never Let Me Go" won 5th Place. September 2014

2014 HARI LUALHATI, chosen as The Latest Cover of "Close to Art" Magazine, an Art-Design-Architecture French Magazine. September 2014 Issue. 

2014 HARI LUALHATI featured in  INK & ARROWS Magazine September 2014 Issue . Pages 56-59

September 2014 http://issuu.com/inkandarrows/docs/inkarrowsmag_issueseven_

2014 HARI LUALHATI featured in  MIROIR Magazine "Desire". Pages 190

July 2014 http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/7636352014 HARI LUALHATI featured in  InPrint Magazine (Issue 14 Spring 2014 Editon). Pages 30-35

February 2014 http://issuu.com/inprintmagazine/docs/issue14_issuu

2013 HARI LUALHATI, chosen as The Latest Cover of INSIGHT Magazine (a Publication based in New York). HARI LUALHATI is also featured in the Magazine(Issue 36).  Pages 3, 12, 13 

November 2013 http://issuu.com/insightmagazine/docs/insight36_web

2013 HARI LUALHATI, chosen as The Latest Cover of Art Manager 7 Magazine (an International Art Magazine printed both in Bulgarian and English Language). HARI LUALHATI is also featured in the Magazine(Third Issue) The Interview can be seen  Pages 6-9 and additional artworks of Hari pages 30-33

October 2013 http://www.artmanager7.com/magazine/3/

2013 HARI LUALHATI featured in the MUSE ARTS Zine Magazine,(October 2013 Issue) Pages 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35     October 2013 http://en.calameo.com/read/001411479ecab76c1bcae

2013 HARI LUALHATI featured in the Art&Beyond  Magazine,(October 2013 Issue) Page 19 and Inside Back Cover     October 2013 http://issuu.com/art_beyond/docs/art_beyond_online_septoct_2013

2013 HARI LUALHATI featured in the ArtAscent  Magazine,(October 2013 Issue) Page 76-77      October 2013 http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/637300

2013 HARI LUALHATI featured in the BIZZARRE  Magazine (United Kingdom),September 2013 http://www.bizzarre.co.uk/#!hari-lualhati/cwn3

2013 HARI LUALHATI featured in the Catapult Art Magazine, Issue #25. Please see page 72-73 (September 2013 issue)  http://issuu.com/catapultartmag/docs/catapult_0913.v25

2013 HARI LUALHATI featured in Get Inspired! magazine (September 2013 issue) http://getinspiredmagazine.com/blog/efflorescence-hari-lualhati/

2013 HARI LUALHATI chosen as The new Cover Artist of The New York Optimist  for the month of September 2013. HARI LUALHATI has also been a featured artist.  (September 2013)    http://thenewyorkoptimist.com/HariLualhatiAug31_2013.html

2013 HARI LUALHATI's Artwork "Inseparable Love", chosen as one of the "Work of Art Weekly Wonders" (July 2013)   https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=623164851040849&set=pb.580481591975842.-2207520000.1378143882.&type=3&theater

2013 HARI LUALHATI featured in the Anniversary Issue of ArtTour International (January 2013 issue)    http://issuu.com/arttour_international/docs/atim_anniversary_2012

2012 HARI LUALHATI: Recicpient  of Palm Art Award 2012 Certificate of Excellence (December 2012). http://networkedblogs.com/GwHyy
2012 AMSTERDAM WHITNEY INTERNATIONAL FINE ART GALLERY IN NEW YORK Congratulates HARI LUALHATI for being accepted to their distinguished "Family of Artists".  (December 2012). http://networkedblogs.com/FRm7w

2012 HARI LUALHATI chosen to be part of Art Takes Miami : 1,001 Artists Project (a digital display of works by artists from all around the world, December 2012). The 1,001 Artists Project will be on view in booth (#H15) at SCOPE Art Show through December 9th, 2012 in Miami. http://www.arttourinternational.com/#!our-editions   

2012 Nominee of Palm Art Award 2012 http://www.palm-art-award.com/nominee2012-lualhati.html

2012 1st Biennale of Art of Palermo. Admission to the 1st Biennale of Art of Palermo. Hari Lualhati's  artwork has been selected by the scientific committee to part to take part to this prestigious event. http://www.biennaledipalermo.com 

2012 HARI LUALHATI featured in ART TOUR INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE (October 2012) http://www.arttourinternational.com/#!our-editions

see page 31: http://issuu.com/arttour_international/docs/att_october_web_official/1


2012 "My Painting has been included at the Shortlist of "Ken Bromley Art Supplies Cover Competition", United Kingdom 

2012 "Featured Art  of the Month May 2012 by ORANGEARTS GALLERY", Hari Lualhati’s painting “Sanctuary of the Fragile” 

2006 Cum Laude University of the Philippines, Diliman 

2006 “Ang Madyik Kahon ni Sussy” written by Hari Lualhati- identified as one of the most promising manuscripts for the First Tamaraw National Writeshop for Children’s Literature 

2005 Semi-Finalist “5th National Art Competition Art Petron”    

2005 1st Place “Ragnarok Drawing Contest”-Level-Up!

2005 3rd Honorable Mention “PLDT-DPC Telephone Directory Cover 19th Visual Art National Competition     

2004 1st Place “Art Stroke Painting Competition”, Robinsons Land Corporation   

2000 2nd Place “6th Rizal Consumer Welfare Month On-the-Spot Poster Making Contest” – Department of Trade and Industry Philippines 

1999 2nd Place “Punla Painting Competition”, Municipality of Angono, Rizal/ National Commission for Culture & the Arts Committee on Visual Arts

1999 9th Place “5th Rizal On-the-Spot Painting Contest”, Department of Trade and Industry Philippines

1998 2nd Honorable “Kaya ko rin maging Bayani Painting Contest” Junior Group Artist of Taytay Philippines

1998 1st Place “Laban sa Droga Painting Contest”, Municipal Anti-Drug Abuse Council & Junior Group Artist of Taytay

1997 3rd Place “Kathang Kabataan Painting Contest”- Junior Group Artist of Taytay

1997 1st Place “On-the-Spot Painting Contest”, St. John the Baptist Parish   Taytay, Rizal Philippines                                                                                          



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